Spring of 2019 Connie will be Co-leading a Prenatal Yoga teacher training with Samantha Moriarty at Yoga Vida. The pair have joined forces to share their wisdom and expertise on birth and yoga in NYC and are so excited to bring this training to NYC! For more info, head here!


The power a woman holds when growing life inside of her has the potential to inspire her power, strength, character, and the way she sees and carries herself for the rest of her life. Prenatal yoga can inspire women to tap into that already present power and nurture it to prepare for birth and life as a mom.  No pregnancy is the same, some can be very easy, some very difficult. Yoga will nourish her body, mind and spirit as her body changes and she prepares for birth. Yoga can prepare her to be in touch with her body and provide tools for coping during labor. And perhaps just as important, if not more, when you find the right fit in a prenatal yoga class, you will build community as you find your tribe of expecting moms on this exciting journey.  Connie has studied Prenatal and postnatal yoga with Julianna Mitchell and Krissy shields.

Connie Teaches pre and postnatal Yoga at Yoga Vida in Tribeca. She also runs a mommy group, the PRana Mama Pack, with the wonderful Meghan Lynch.  


Connie teaches a Hatha flow style class, as her studies have been in Vinyasa yoga (200hr with Sonic Yoga, Lauren Hanna and Johanna Bell) and Hatha yoga (Will Duprey, Susan CARTIGLIA and Hathavidya 500hr). Connie teaches group classes including pre./post natal  at Yoga Vida in NYC. Connie also loves working with Namaste NY, NYC's premiere wellness CONCIERGE.


Connie offers private in home sessions to individuals, couples, families, children, pre and postnatal mommies and semi private (grab a few friends and neighbors). Together you will discuss goals and needs and a program will be designed specifically for you. Or, perhaps you simply want to gain some knowledge to feel confident and safe in a class setting. Connie loves to teach one on one. Discounted bundle sessions available. Please contact Connie for rates. LITTLE GRASSHOPPER YOGA

CORPORATE YOGA, Mindfulness and Meditation

Ever fancy taking a break during lunch to practice yoga or meditate but there isn't enough time to get to the studio and back in a reasonable amount of time? What about team building and creative inspiration for you and your co workers? Connie can come right to the office and lead an hour long practice tailored to any level or lead a mindfulness meditation seminar for your team. Contact Connie for corporate yoga today!


Emaya is a collaboration between connie and her wonderful friend Michaela Cullen.   They use their experience, passion and knowledge as yoga teachers and wellness coaches Coaches as they pursue their mission to help women connect to their light, purpose and power.

Through online programs, live retreats and workshops, Emaya invites you to step away from your busy schedule, endless todo lists, expired values and beliefs, all the shoulda, woulda, couldas and inspire you to find peace, presence and purpose TODAY.

Every gathering varies in offerings and themes with yoga, meditation, like-minded community and personal transformation at the core.

Follow Emaya on Facebook and INstagram to see what they are up to!  Enjoy a free gift from Emaya! 

Little Grasshopper Yoga

What started as Connie's 500 hour certification project, Little Grasshopper Yoga has become such a joyful and fulfilling experience. Connie's love for children started when she was a child herself.  She babysat and ran the theatre program for Future Star's and Winner's Circle Day Camp for years in her hometown from the ages 15-20. She worked for Soccer by Coach Fher for years in NYC. Once certified to teach yoga, teaching yoga to children was an obvious next step. Connie teaches children of all ages currently as a private offering only. birthday parties and family privates are a treat for her. She has taught in numerous teacher training programs. Contact Connie for rates and classes.  





"What I wanted to relay to you is how very thankful I am that I landed in your class and that I had you as a guide. In your class and in your heart, you created a space for laughter and tears and vulnerability and empathy and to be brave through the roller coaster of having a child. And when I suffered pretty badly from post partum last year I felt brave enough to ask for help. And when I got (surprise) pregnant again last summer I felt brave enough to ask for help. And when we moved across the country in the fall, the first place I sought out was a yoga studio here to find laughter and tears and vulnerability and strength amongst other women. I am so grateful to you for planting that seed for me almost two years ago. This studio has sustained me this (very scary) second pregnancy and I have you to essentially thank for it. Thank you so much. And keep doing what you’re doing and strengthen these women! We need you!"

Lucy C.

"She encourages her students to go further in their practice but isn't too airy fairy about it all."

Jeremy B.

"My daughter loves bringing along her own mat, wearing her Little Grasshopper T-shirt and meeting her friends each week. The classes are beautifully crafted for kids offering a perfect combination of instruction and enjoyment. She returns home excited to teach us her new poses. It is a joy to experience her enthusiasm for yoga and to be raising a happy, healthy and focused child."

Jini R.

"Movement has always been a part of my life. One of the most important. It is in that space where I can completely surrender, feel and express my truest self. Over the years I sought the kind of activities that would challenge my mind and body, and breaking a sweat was a must. Somehow yoga never fit into that. With time, and life's unexpected turns, I slowly drifted away from any kind of exercise and trying to get back into it only became harder and any attempt at it was more a source of frustration than the bliss I remembered. That is, until I met Connie. By the first class I knew something was going to change. And three years later, I can say she made me fall inlove with yoga, and more importantly brought my passion back to life. With ease and an innate honesty to the practice, that is felt in every class, she manages to challenge, grow and nurture the yogi in us all. And within the class, she cultivates an energy that brings us all together, making it feel like even in our individual search, we are a unit, moving together in harmony. From her voice, guiding touch, music choices, to the surprising flows she throws in to create variety, she has been an unsurpassed teacher, a friend and a person I am so grateful to have in my life."

Sophie C.

"As an NYC local for the past 10 years, I’ve tried many yoga studios and experienced the various practices of countless instructors. It wasn’t until I met Connie a few years ago that I discovered I have a yoga home. Whether it be in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or at an upstate retreat, every time I’ve had the pleasure to practice with Connie I’ve felt powerful, revitalized and fulfilled. As a former athlete with a high-stress job, Ive found that Connie’s teachings have always centered my spirit, while challenging my body at the same time. Whether I’m seeking to push myself and have a great workout, or find an opportunity to seek clarity in the midst of the everyday ‘stressure’ – I can always find what I seek through learning and growing alongside my favorite yogi and friend. She brings the warmest energy and a kind, open-heart to every session. I will forever be in debt to Connie for the light she’s helped me discover within myself."

Michael M.

"After years of various attempts to "get into yoga", it finally clicked during my first class with Connie. She confidently and firmly leads her classes, all the while radiating great warmth and a complete lack of pretension. Each class is different and I learn something unexpected and subtle every time. Connie is an inspiration and I'm deeply grateful to have her as my teacher."

Andrea N.

"I went from knowing not a single thing to advancing at a quick steady pace because of her dedication, resourcefulness and insight on how to break things down per an individuals' capabilities and learning style. Her classes are fun, exciting, educational, and varied. The classes adapt to all skill levels very seamlessly. My love of yoga has grown tenfold and I attribute it to the foundation that Connie's classes and attention has provided. Lastly, my practice continues to advance even when not under her direct instruction, because she makes herself accessible and available always for advice/insight."

Vivien C.

"I finish sessions with Connie feeling more confident in my body than I have in years. Her poses and enthusiasm draw on my strengths to make me optimistic about improving and eager to work. Her exercises help me feel stronger and more aware of my body than I ever remember being, but never drained. While she is extremely knowledgeable and focused, she is also light-hearted and empathetic so workouts are always fun. She replies to emails quickly, offers tips between sessions, and obviously spends time planning ways to make each week's session new and interesting. Work with Connie is about enhancement and decompression, not stressing over what you can't do."

Cory C.