Back to HER

Back to HER is a 40 Day online transformational program that uses daily yoga & meditation, coaching and community to inspire women to take actions towards living their most authentic and present life.  
Back to HER highlights exploration and healing around the chakra system, offers creative projects to inspire deep self-reflection in a fun way and a community to keep accountability front and center.  
The magic happens virtually through daily emails and a private Facebook group to allow for sharing and connecting!


This is what Felicia has to say about Back to HER:


"Participating in Emaya's Back to HER was pretty incredible. I am usually resistant to "programs/retreats" but I allowed myself to be open and decided to commit myself to the 40 program. I have never been able to mediate because of my busy mind and I was really interested in learning more about the Seven Chakras. These were some of the reasons I joined. Dedicating myself to the daily yoga and meditation was refreshing and powerful. I had a few "breakthroughs" but most of the time I was able to just shut out the world for a good 10-15 min. That in itself is an accomplishment and I will continue with that practice. My main intention was to dive deeper in my own intuitive journey. The work sessions and support that the program provides really helped me to scratch the surface to the possibility of what lies ahead. I cannot wait to continue this journey. Thank you Connie and Michaela for creating such an amazing program."  Felicia R.