Fall is here! Fall is here!  It’s so refreshing to wind down from the summer activity and get grounded and enjoy the fresh, crisp breeze.  New York City buzzes with excitement for our favorite time of year. Why is this so exciting? The summer’s carefree spirit wound us up; we let our hair down and played to our hearts’ content!  Fall is the time to get serious again, a renewed serious.  We have to keep the summer’s sparkle in our eye as we put her inspiration into action! 

So we are inspired with ideas: improving our health, moving forward with a business idea, leaving our jobs, looking for a new apartment, starting a family, what ever the idea may be.  Momentum pushes us forward and we feel so good with our progress and energy.  And then our old ways coax our mind to go the opposite direction.  Just one more bite of food that doesn’t make me feel good or I am not good enough to make this business work or I don’t have enough money to rent this apartment or start a family.  Whatever the stories, they aren’t truthful and we loose the push that we spend all this time dreaming up and starting to make shifts happen.  We all do this.  But guess what? It doesn’t have to be this way anymore.  No more stories. Only focus and determination to get the job done!

Now is the perfect time to get your yoga practice going and steady.  I have learned over the years the steadier my yoga practice, the steadier my life moves.  Steadied.  Balanced.  Focused.

I’m going to do a month long Yoga Foundations workshop at Fit and Flow Yoga.  If you are a beginner, this is for you.   If you have lost your way and need to get back in to your yoga groove, this is for you.  If you have always wanted to give yoga a little more time and attention and don’t know where to start, this is for you. We will break down poses together and introduce pranayama and meditation. We will get you going, so that you can take time for yourself to get your story straight and you move through your life in a profound and exciting way.  The way you want to be moving in it.

Please join me this fall and start seeing life the way you want to be seeing it! Allow your yoga practice to expand and send its roots through you and beyond to give you a strong foundation to lean on. I am so excited to lead you through this profound practice!  Namaste!!!