The moment they told me about you
My love for you
Formed inside my little heart with an
Explosion of excitement
25 years and my heart still swells and admires
I adore the sweetest soul on the planet
In the form of my brother

You sat back taking in every word we ever
Whined, complained, cried, fought, or screamed
No judgment, an offered opinion usually too profound for
Such a young man
A remarkable memory keeps us all in check
Movie phrases, directions to theme parks, and laughing fits
Careful and calculating, smart and lovable
We all can’t wait for the next visit to laugh and story tell with you
With eyes that express and eyelashes that accentuate
A warm smile makes me know it will be okay.

It’s no wonder I should want to protect you
From hateful words or judging whispers…
If there were any.
I don’t surround myself with that kind
It’s the ones that don’t understand or know any better
How I wish I could make them see that it doesn’t matter
Who you fall in love with
What matters is the partner you chose better honor who you are
And make an adventure of this short time we have together

Love who you want to brother, just so long as he loves you like I do, but more
And so you treat him as you treat me, but better
I trust that is a possible mission
One day they will all come around.  Because love knows no bounds
Love trumps fear
Love helps you walk down a path you never thought you could handle
Love makes you step up to the sweetest part of your being
Your soul doesn’t care whether his mate shows up as a boy or girl
It only recognizes that inside dance
That impromptu party thrown
That ooey gooey exhilarated, satisfied feeling inside
When the soul’s mate comes out to play
Of this day you never want to let go

So hang on, darling, to that soul mate of yours
They only show up every so often in this lifetime
I got your back.
I had it before and I have it even more now
Love will find its way to every corner of our dearest ones
And melt fear away
Just you wait and see
It starts here, with me