For as long as I can remember, I've been drawn to children. Even as a child, I loved children. I'm a mother bird at heart- always have been, always will be. Maybe it's because I can't help but feel pure joy at the sound of a child's giggle or the hilarious yet profound things they say or a good old fashioned tickle monster attack. The innocence and love in their eyes lights their small frames and huge hearts. 

I've had 2 dreams in life: to perform and to be a mom.  I have had great satisfaction along with great heartache that comes along with a performing arts career. I am so proud of my accomplishments. Do I have any regrets? No way! Sure, I would have loved to tour the world singing my heart out, but I'm so happy where I am thriving at the moment. Which brings me to teaching yoga. It's amazing to connect with people and inspire them to be their best by offering them what I know about yoga. Children included. 

I have always looked forward to having a baby. Sometimes I think I was born to birth my babies. Perhaps I missed them the second I came to be and had longed for them ever since patiently. And here they are! But I will love children long after mine are grown just as I loved little ones before mine came to be.  So I will enjoy my little darlings.  And I will enjoy teaching your little darlings the sweetest give of yoga. 

If you can't find me at a party I'm at the kids table (probably teaching a kid yoga pose).